Easter trip to England 2007


Here are the photographs from the trip to Reading. The photos are taken with my mobile phone, so I apologize for the quality. At least it is a better camera than it is a mobile phone...


Before we came to Reading we spent a day in London. Most of the day we spent in Hamley's, where they had toys, toys and more toys! We were in heaven! Here is Terry during our little snack to gain strength for some more toys!


Monday we set off to Reading and met up with Kev. We had a lovely day walk along the Thamse. Here are the swashbuckling lads on our stroll:


Nice little bay here... But what is that in the distance?


Can it be...? oh yes, I believe it is! A heron!


Luckily his brother, possibly his wife, allowed us a closer look!



We also said our greetings to this lovely couple


before we took off for a nice lunch together. A nice fry-up, can't get that in Sweden!


We had a few cold days that we spent mostly indoors watching movies and chatting, but Friday we had a lovely walk down in Henley.


Nice looking Bridge, we followed it up the river for a mile almost.


From it, we had a good view at all the nice houses along the river! I want to live there:


Or there:




Kev, I believe you have the sun in your eyes there! :-)


The river was gorgeous that day, with a nice display by the lock.



Nice view up the river! But what on earth is that?


It can't be! Omg! I have never seen such a strange thing in my life before! A black swan!


We decided to buy the house up there, with the nice view of the river and the lock. Kev will take the 2 bottom floors while Terry and I live upstairs.


A last glimps at the weir before we turned back.


Kev had a real camera, so here is the heron and the swan in higher quality:



We had a wonderful stay. Missing you loads, Kev! Please pass the port!