Photographic expiditions to Beriganska Trädgården

a Botanical Garden in Stockholm


Beginning of February, on one of those rare sunny Swedish winter days, Terry and I went to my favourite garden in Stockholm, Bergianska Trädgården. Most in the garden is dead this time of year, but the seaside gave us some interesting shots. A week later, my dad and Jane came in to town and we went back to the garden to visit the greenhouse with mediteranian plants. During that day I experimented with light, shadows and form, and trying to take some closeups. Here are some of the piccies from those days.

Look carefully, can you spot the discus player?




The following photos were taken in the greenhouse when we returned to the garden with J&J.



After this feast for the eyes we went to the café overlooking the centre garden in the greenhouse and had another feast. Warm apple pie with custard! Yum!

What a wonderful day this was!